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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Project Starter

How do you guys feel about starting new projects?


It’s awesome, right? The thrill of endless possibilities ahead and charting your course for how to get there! No, not everyone feels that way?


Where is this coming from?


Well, we’ve been having some talks around here about priorities, because I LOVE to start projects. But, have a bad habit of biting off maybe a little more than I can chew. So it’s time to let go of some things that aren’t lighting the fire anymore to make time for the projects that are important to me and my family, and maybe a new project or two. We’ll see.


What does that mean for Baby Hooked Boutique? It means I’m going to have more time to devote to new designs and pattern writing! One thing that occurs to me is that I mostly work in small pieces because I love the instant gratification. I super love being able to go from original idea to finished good in the course of a day or two (you would believe how many times I ripped out that beach ball hat). Since new ideas and patterns are important to me, I’m re-prioritizing to make sure they get worked on most days. Yay!


And in non-business news, it means the kids are going to get some more projects, too! Another thing that both Gar and I feel is missing from our daily priorities is more planned projects with the kiddies. The boys say they want to learn French! I was thinking something more like make a planned craft once a week. French crafts?

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