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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Turning Two

My “baby” is turning two in exactly two months (well, two months and two days…). Those of you who know the history of how Graham came to be know that he is very likely to be my only baby. So, we kind of go all out for birthdays. His first birthday was an all out Cat in the Hat extravaganza. Because he loves that book.


This year, though, he is Elmo crazy. Well, Sesame Street crazy, really. He LOVES Sesame Street. Obviously, he must have a big ol’ Sesame Street blow out (which I started planning on Pinterest like 10 months ago)! Being an Etsian myself, I’m also scoping Etsy for birthday party must-haves.

So, here is a list of the Top 5 Sesame Street Birthday Party Must-Haves:

  1. DIY Printables: Includes invites, the banner, favor boxes, party hats and cupcake liners. All in PDF so you can print at home. 
  2. Character Pom-Poms: You may have noticed that I went a little pom-pom cray-cray with the last party. Expect that trend to continue. Especially with these cuties on the market.

  3. Jumbo Confetti: Because nothing says mess like letting toddlers play with little bits of paper! But, seriously, I love me some confetti on the food table. It’s one of those little things that just steps the party up a notch.
  4. Party Favor Fish Bowls: You could load them up with traditional favors… but, you know, “Elmo loves his goldfish.” 
  5. A special shirt for the birthday baby!

As much as I am NOT in a hurry for this little man to grow up, I do LOVE planning his parties.

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