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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Giveaway

We reached 255 sales over night last night and now I'm feeling jolly. I'm feeling like giving something away! So, here's the deal, you have until 8pm on Monday to enter the giveaway. Monday night I'll compile the entries and let work it's magic and then will announce the winner on Tuesday.

How do I enter?
Good question! You can enter up to four times!
1) Comment on this blog post.
2) Share this blog post on Facebook (and comment that you've shared it).
3) Like the Facebook status announcing the giveaway.
4) Share the Facebook status announcing the giveaway.

What are we winning exactly?
Another excellent question! Seeing as it is December and lots of people still need to get their Christmas pics taken (*ahem* points finger firmly at self), we are playing for a super soft Santa Hat. I love this Santa Hat. It's soft and comfy, and the rich red color is beautiful in photographs.

Wanna see one? Of course you do!

Let the contesting begin!