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Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby Beach Hat–Giveaway!

So, one of our newest hats is the Beach Ball Hat, and I love it. Well, I love beach balls. I also love anything that can be worn by either baby without someone making a comment as to whether or not it’s appropriate for that child’s gender. But, I know sometimes girls want their pink and boys want… Well, boys don’t really care what we put on them, do they?


My original inspiration was a traditional mutl-color ball from the garage. It looks much like this… only not so shiny, clean and new. Imagine this one, after sitting in the garage for 3 years!


My point? Oh right! I’ve been toying with the idea of two toned beach ball hats. Also, I’ve been wanting to do another giveaway (I’m nice like that, please don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise Winking smile). So, I thought, I’d let you guys tell me what colors you’d like to see on a beach ball hat and the winner will get one in their chosen color! (And of course the colors will be tallied and at least the top two will be made and listed…) Now, I’m sure ya’ll know this by now, BUT… if the color you just love the most doesn’t end up getting listed you can still order it! Just send me a note and we’ll make it happen!


I’ve been toying with:

  • Red, Blue, Yellow and White (another traditional look)
  • Red and White (maybe the “true” traditional beach ball, just not what was in my garage)
  • Lime Green and White
  • Hot Pink and White
  • Orange and White


Now, it’s your turn! Either vote for a color combo above OR make one up. To vote leave a comment on this post. If Blogger is not being nice to you, there will be a place for comments on Facebook, too. Leave your comment by Sunday 10pm and the winner will be announced on Monday.

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