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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Announcing the New Goodies!

As promised, here is a look at the new goodies :) First, I have tell you something, though. I used to think of dish cloths as the socks of the crochet world. Because knitters love to knit socks. Every knitter I've ever talked to has said something along the lines of "Socks take FOREVER and they are so cheap to buy, I could not imagine why anyone would ever knit socks, until I knit a pair of socks and now? AM.HOOKED." Now, dish cloths don't take forever to crochet. They are actually quite quick. But, the terry cloth versions are very cheap, so I had never bothered with a crochet dish cloth. Then! Then, I needed something to go with my crochet Swiffer covers. I guess I didn't NEED something, but I wanted something to go with them. After all, crochet Swiffer pads would be so lonely and out of place in a shop full of baby hats. They needed a friend. And, dish cloths seemed the natural choice.

OMG! I am hooked. We are now using crochet cloths in the bath and in the kitchen (obviously, I had to field test my patterns...). I love them. In the bath they are both softer AND exfoliate better than the cheap-o ones I've been using. They feel so thick and luxurious. And, they're pretty. In the kitchen, I'm finding that they are cleaning everything better (dishes, counters, floors). And, they're pretty. Let's face it, pretty does count for something.

OK, I'll shut up and show you the goods :)

Crochet Swiffer Cover in Yellow
Crochet Swiffer Cover in Hot Blue
Crochet Wash/Dish Cloths in Yellow
Crochet Wash/Dish Cloths in Tangerine

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