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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Boob Beanie Origins

I thought with it being October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month, it would be a fitting time to talk about where the Boob Beanie came from. I'd love to tell you that I'm just all creative and came up with the idea all on my own, but the truth is I didn't. One of my friends knew about the issues I was having with a couple of family members regarding breastfeeding and sent me this cartoon to cheer me up:

I found it to be both hilarious and appropriate to my situation. (For the record, I am pro you feeding your kids in whatever way works best for your family. I chose to breastfeed my son, and if we ever have another live baby I'll probably choose it again. I support mother's rights to nurse in public. Also, I support a mother's right to formula feed. Judgement is so not my thing.) Also, I was inspired by it to make a little Boob Beanie for my little boobie monster.

I went searching for a pattern, but couldn't find one... so, I made one! I'm very crafty, you know.

One trip to Michael's and four hours later, a boobie was born! The pattern has changed a little since that early prototype, but not much. Overall I've been making pretty much the same boob for two years, now. It was my first Baby Hooked Boutique listing.

Boobie Beanie
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Personally, I've never taken Graham out in public wearing one, but I think we might all sport one at a nursing or Breast Cancer awareness rally. What about you? Would you take your LO out in a Boob Beanie? Would  you use it while nursing in public?

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