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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Affordable Photography (Dayton, OH)

After Affordable Photography did such a great job on Graham's one year portraits, I knew I wanted them to be part of the photography team for Baby Hooked Boutique. (I was honestly blown away by his one year pictures.)

So, I met up with Amy this weekend to try to get some photos of Graham in his Valentine's duds. I say try, because the thing about toddlers is, much unlike newborns, they do what they want and are very much capable of moving around. Sometimes what they want is to run around naked, play with the photo props (away from the studio area) and pee on the photographer's floor (oops! mommy fail). Amy handled it with aplomb, though. Even though Mr. G was being a toddler diva, Amy was able to get several really great shots. He even had a Baby Hooked hat on in one of them.

Oh, he looks happy now...
Expression is everything!

Oh, mother, I can put down my toys OR wear the hat... You choose.

He got so mad when he found out this bread was not real!
See the tear? He was all done.

We are really looking forward to doing pictures with Amy again, soon! 

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